December 30, 2008

Laying another cobblestone on the path to Torrefaction

Pennsylvania recently came up with a $1 Million Dollar grant for American Refining and Biochemical, Inc.

The race for which region will control the torrefaction development within the US is heating up.

From Integro Fuels, to Agri-Tech, to American Refining, to Topell, to NewEarth... it seems that a number of companies and states are seeing the potential of Torrefaction.

You know what's wrong with Torrefaction?  Its not the science.  Its not the economics.  Its the NAME.  Seriously, how do you sit around a holliday party and say "I'm into Torrefaction!".

As a community, we need to think about coming up with a better name for this process (bio-coal is the best alternative out there right now).

While we work on that, its good to see investment by PA, SC, and NC as well as the growing ranks of entrepreneurs focusing on the very pragmatic potential of bio-coal or torrefaction or what ever we can come up with to call it!