July 20, 2009

Agri-Tech Reaches Significant Milestone

Agri-Tech, a SC start-up that has licensed technology from NC State, today announced that it had reached an agreement with Kusters Zima Corporation to manufacturer torrifaction equipment under license.

The first units are scheduled to be in the market in around a year, and pre-production orders are now being taken.

The technology is believed to be highly scalable -- with initial units targeted in a mid range of around 10 tons per hour. People interested in pricing should contact the company directly.

This is no small milestone. Without significant outside investment, Agri-Tech has been able to fund the placement of the initial units into the market by leveraging the Intellectual Property they have under contract.

This is one to watch.


Anonymous said...

Are there any other articles you can refer me to on the topic of biomass torrefaction?
I have been approached by a startup venture concerning this technology and want to perform some due diligence.


The Better BTU said...

Good talking with you. Good luck with your project. Fund the company!!

Anonymous said...

i am a student on the national technical university of greece
at the moment i am considering options on my thesis report
i am very interested on the matter of torrefaction and especially i have in mind a project for wood waste to biocoal through torrefaction.
at the moment i am gathering available information so that to see if i am capable of performing such a project as my senior year thesis report.
any document provided would be much help.
my email is dimitrisbithyzis@hotmail.com

thank you in advance

Anonymous said...

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kumaravel said...

i am a member of planning commission of tamilnadu govt india.i am tree scientist and an indian forest service officer.i have develope a variety capable of yeilding over 60 to 70 tonnes per acre per year that could be harvested in 2 to 3 years. if i can get as on date performence and cost and economics of your system i would certainly work out the model here ,if potentially profitable to the growers an the proucers.Thanks.

The Better BTU said...

Kumaravel -- we need a way to contact you if you would like to discuss your energy crop. Energy Crops show exciting progress and all of us in the industry are hopeful that one will develop that allos us to leave carbon in the ground and recycle what is in the aire already through a viable energy crop