May 17, 2009

Another set of Bio Char Test Results

We can probably call the "biochar debate" with the number of precints that have already reported.

Yet each study is helpful as it adds to the overwhelming preponderance of evidence.

Now Blue Leaf in Canada has reported the results of a recent study.

Results include:
  • Crop Yeild Range: +6% to +17%
  • 68% greater root length
  • 24% increase in plant density

In addition, some of the best work has been done at Cornell.

Biochar for carbon sequestration has the potential to instantaneously ignite (maybe not a good word when talking about torrefaction) the torrefaction industry, as well as being a viable solution to cost effective global warming. So we'll continue to track it.

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Go green said...

I heard about biochar a few months ago from a friend of mine. I never thought that something as simple as charcoal could do so much for the soil and the environment.

I was amazed after reading "The Biochar Revolution" from

Check it out. It was a great help in opening my mind to issues that affect us all.